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Every piece that is made here, is a labor of meticulously handprinted products using water-based colors that not only offer a soft touch but also boast remarkable durability compared to conventional printing processes. Embracing environmentally friendly hues, the creations allow for up to 4 colors, offering a vibrant and versatile palette. From oversized prints to a wide array of sustainable products, the possibilities are expansive. Specialized in individualized designs, Dilli ensuring each creation as a unique expression of your vision. Join in on a journey from design inception to the delivery of the finished product, hand in hand, creating art that reflects your values.

Nestled in the scenic beauty of Dilli’s hometown Weerberg, the screen print studio is a little sanctuary where creativity and craftsmanship meets. 

Transparency and open communication are important to Dilli. So that you can get a rough overview, I have put together my prices for you here.


  • The printing costs are composed of 3 cost points:

    1. Frame creation

    2. Print preparation costs

    3. Cost per Print

  • LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP? Our speciality. 

    We will keep the print frame made for you for 1 year. This means you save these costs in the event of a reprint. If the print is reprinted, the frame preservation is automatically extended by one year, free of charge.


    Note: every color requires a seperate screen. If you print on a white shirt and your design has two colors in it, we make two screens. 

    Frame creation costs: Price per Frame

    Standard Frame - 35x45cm printing area = 74.99 € 

    Oversized Frame - 44x60cm printing area = 94.99 €

  •  – these costs must be paid for every print session. 

    They include mixing the paint, masking the frames, washing out the paint and more.

    Price per Frame

    Standard Frame - 35x45cm printing area = 29.99 € 

    Oversized Frame - 44x60cm printing area = 34.99 €


  • Screenprint is a printing technique that allows high-quality, long-lasting designs to be printed on a wide variety of materials. The color is printed using a squeegee through a fine-mesh fabric that is stretched over a frame. Each color requires its own screen printing frame. We only use water-based inks in the textile sector. These colors are hardly noticeable on the textile and therefore ensure a comfortable fit. They are also environmentally friendly.

    Even though the preparation is very time-consuming, we rely on the screen printing process because it is unbeatable in terms of quality, comfort and environmental friendliness.

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